End to End Platform Connecting Technology, People, and Systems to Revolutionize Workplace Health

Link2MD is a national telehealth & technology company providing services for both occupational medicine and general health. Through our integrated and holistic approach, we work with employers, insurance companies, and third-party administrators to accelerate access to appropriate medical care, maximize efficiencies, prevent unnecessary claims, reduce costs, and realize better outcomes for a healthier workforce and bottom line.

Link2MD delivers Telemedicine services for many of the Nation’s largest Employers, Insurance Companies, TPAs, MCOs, Local and State Governments.

Improve Your Clinical & Financial Outcomes

With Link2MD, employers experience peace of mind in knowing we are part of the team, and our incentives are aligned.  We listen and deliver solutions that are transforming the healthcare industry.

Our Provider Network

US based licensed physicians and providers credentialed in National MPN & PPO Networks. 

Patient Care Model

We deliver compassionate, holistic, and evidence-based care throughout the case duration. Our services are for initial injury/illness and transfer of care cases.

Claims Services

Automated online claims reporting and near real time documentation and communication to all key stakeholders.

Our Technology Platform

HIPAA secure Technology Platform with built in audio/video connectivity. Our proprietary platform is designed for the Workers’ Comp Industry and General Health. Includes a 24/7 toll free call center.

Benefits of Our Services

Timely, easy, and convenient access to medical care. Integrates with Nurse Triage Services and adheres to first aid guidelines to mitigate OSHA recordables.

Impairment Ratings

Timely, accurate, and defensible reports resulting in fewer AME/QME exams and litigated cases. Reduce costs and close claims faster.

Navigating the Healthcare Maze is No Easy Task – We Know the Way!


Telehealth is the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical health care from a distance. It allows for patients to see a doctor from wherever and when they need care using a smart phone, tablet or PC enabled with HIPAA compliant audio and video technology.

Employee Benefits

The most common employee benefit that employers offer is medical or health coverage. At Link2MD, we deliver Telemedicine services either in conjunction with health insurance coverage or as a stand-alone benefit to provide employees with cost-effective accelerated access to healthcare for themselves and their families.

Occupational Medicine

What sets us apart

Our solutions leverage proprietary software, technology & processes to revolutionize a disjointed and broken workers’ comp system and allow us to deliver:


Accelerated Access

Access to Convenient & Timely Care


Efficiency & Faster Return to Work

Utilizing our efficient & cost-effective digital health solutions that help employees get back to work sooner.


Deliver Better Outcomes

Identify & manage care process from treatment plan to Maximum Medical Improvement.


Streamlined Claims Processing

On demand access to integrated Claims Data & Managed Care info for greater efficiencies.


Effective Caseload Management

Timely communication & documentation between all parties.


Faster Case Resolution

Our solutions help close cases sooner, saving employers and insurers money.

Simplify Your Healthcare Solutions